If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant near Rosanna, The Gurkha Spice is the restaurant you want to visit.

Chef Shashi, a proactive, ambitious, and creative executive chef with a notable career trajectory and achievements list person designed the menu, recipe, and kitchen of this place. Our chefs are specialist in the art of food preparation and strive for only the best, making sure our customer receives only the best.

At The Gurkha Spice (an Indian restaurant in Rosanna), you will find traditional Indian cooking techniques along with unexpected ingredient combinations, forward-thinking flavor profiles, contemporary plating, and impressive table service. While dining at The Gurkha Spice Indian Restaurant, you experience a truly contemporary take on Indian Cuisine.
We blend traditional and new flavors for a novel approach to Indian cooking. It is important to us to preserve time-honored cooking techniques while surprising our guests with unique dishes and menu items.

We source high-quality ingredients to form the starting point of each dish and add to those fresh spices which we grind in-house. Our culinary team transforms these ingredients into unforgettable meals. Your favorites, such as tandoori dishes, chicken biryani, and naan bread remain the foundation of our menu. Our primary aim is to make Indian food more approachable.

Come visit our Indian restaurant in Rosanna to taste the magical feel of authentic and delicious Indian dishes.

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