It is no secret that Indians live their tandoori dishes. From a street shop to a fancy restaurant- we find tandoori foods and tandoori food lovers at every nook and corner worldwide. In fact, not finding a tandoor oven in an Indian restaurant is almost impossible. 

A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in cooking and baking. The tandoor is used for cooking in Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the Transcaucasus, the Balkans, the Middle East, Central Asia as well as India and Bangladesh. The heat for a tandoor was traditionally generated by a charcoal fire or wood fire, burning within the tandoor itself, thus exposing the food to both live-fire, radiant heat cooking, and hot-air, convection cooking.

What makes tandoori dishes different from gas-stove cooked ones is the earthy taste and signature smoky flavor – and the heavenly aroma is an add-on to that. From a closed-door homely feast to the grandest of the events – tandoori food items are a must on every dinner menu. 

Here are the best tandoor dishes that you can enjoy at the Gurkha spice restaurant:

Tandoor Chicken

Tandoor Chicken is a simple dish that is prepared in the simplest of manners but still is a powerhouse of flavors. It is a dish for all celebrations, parties, and occasions, the love for Tandoori chicken is not new. The slightest thought of Tandoori chicken can even bring you drool.


Tandoori charred whole chicken in hung curd, crushed peppers, fenugreek & special homemade masala overnight marinated serve with salad and green chutney

Tandoor Mushroom

If you’re keeping things casual, there just has to be beer in a bottle and food on a stick! A great combination is Tandoori Mushrooms. It is famous for its unbeatable flavor & taste.


Tandoori charred whole mushrooms in hung curd, crushed peppers, fenugreek & special homemade masala overnight marinated and serve with salad and green chutney

Tandoor Platters

Tandoori Platters is immensely appetizing to a point that you’d not wait to gorge on a plateful of dishes. This mouthwatering dish is a perfect snack for parties. Thus, if you are looking to try the best tandoori platters in Melbourne, then we are the best restaurant in Melbourne serving this dish.


Chicken Tikka, Seekh kabab, Tandoori chicken, Lamb Cutlets

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