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Best Indian restaurant near Rosanna

If you’re looking for an Indian restaurant near Rosanna, The Gurkha Spice is the restaurant you want to visit. Chef Shashi, a proactive, ambitious, and creative executive chef with a notable career trajectory and achievements list person designed the menu, recipe, and kitchen of this place. Our chefs are specialist in the art of food… continue reading

Best Nepalese Restaurant Near Rosanna

The Gurkha Spice is one of the best Nepali / Indian restaurant in beautiful Rosanna village. Let us tell you a little about Nepal, It is the Land with the world’s highest point, Mount Everest. It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and the land of the Gurkhas, who are a brave army. Our restaurant… continue reading

Best Momo in Rosanna at The Gurkha Spice Restaurant

History of Momos Momo dumplings were traditionally only filled with minced meat, but nowadays, the fillings have diversified to include vegetables, dairy, or a combination of both. They are native to Tibet and have been brought to the Kathmandu Valley by traveling Newar merchants, and thus Nepal, where they consider them as their own. Thanks… continue reading

3 Best Tandoori Dishes that you should try at The Gurkha Spice Restaurant

It is no secret that Indians live their tandoori dishes. From a street shop to a fancy restaurant- we find tandoori foods and tandoori food lovers at every nook and corner worldwide. In fact, not finding a tandoor oven in an Indian restaurant is almost impossible.  A tandoor is a cylindrical clay oven used in… continue reading